Saturday, 4 January 2014


Holaa my dear followers including silent readers or stalkers (if there any haha). Its been awhile. Hmm I just realised that i always update my blog once or twice a year. (you can assume blogging is not my thing since i had twitter).

So, there will be no 2014 without 2013, right. Another year has passed and many things happened and memories created. Of course there are some memories that i will cherish and some others that i need endure to forget. Well, thanks to the persons who coloured my days and the persons who figuratively made my days seemed dark. I’ve learnt many things and able to understand what a real life is. 

Pheww! Good bye 2013 that filled with bittersweet memories. Hello 2014 that i  finally see a light through a hole. A hole from the dark cave that I struggled to dig and escape. I've confined in there for so long. I've been thinking that rocket launching is similar as the stage of our life. The engine rocket needs to separate from the cockpit as the rocket must release the excess weight in order to successfully reach the orbit (which is to reach our happiness goal). Thus, we can say that the engine rocket is similar to negative things in our life. 

Im glad that i ended the year with the most positive ways. I had a well spend holidays and I’ve achieved some of my life dreams. Im very happy for that and i think that were the changes that i should have done earlier. 

We met many people and of course we met them by reasons. It's either to teach you or they need to be taught. Life is not always bright. But there will always rainbow after the rain, right? Everything has been planned by Him. 

Just--- keep believing,