Monday, 31 December 2012


Cuti aritu aku buat lessen L motor n kereta. xdpt nak buat P sbb short of time. So, skrg dilemma samada nak teruskan buat dekat Temerloh or Terengganu. Aku just fikir kalau buat dekat ganu nnti jadual aku terganggu (lah sgtt kn). N kalau buat dekat rumah nnti xsyok ganggu cuti aku. So, sgt xtahu nak buat ape skrg. Lgpn aku takut nak ambek test jpj, wuuu. Xnak fail. Ak sgt fobia dgn fail, seriously. 

Ape yang aku nak cerite sepanjang aku buat lessen L tu adalah, im lonely. Even aku ade partner untuk borak2 n masuk kelas same2, but still my heart unease until I can story everything to that ‘person’. Yeah, im lonely n boring tahu x?! nak msg takut mengganggu. Padahal dlm hati ni sgt nak berkongsi cerita n rase excited nak buat lessen tu. Aku nak cakap kat die aku dapat fullmark dlm ujian computer, aku nak cerita gambar lesen aku buruk, aku nak cerita pengalaman kali pertama aku pegang stereng kereta manual. Tapi, I have no reason to share with u anymore, hm. 

Xpelah, wish me luck with the next stage of making P. kinda not confident with myself actually.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

My blog, bout myself n people around me

Hye there~

Juz wanna say in dis entry dat dis blog is mostly bout ME, MY FAMILY and MY FRIENDS.. nothing much.. I also don’t expect dis blog can reach many followers because I don’t have any intention of it.. im not seeking for popularity n my blog is not informative n interesting though.. its just bout my life story kot ! hoho.. im just blogging  because I like too, n feel wanna sharing..

Dats all, tq papai ;)

Sunday, 10 June 2012


Unable to update every of the event before this because of time constrain n pack schedule huhu.. for dis entry I will make it short n simple.. so here some memorable activities I did along dis sem ;

Many lessions learnt, many experience faced, many things improved n it became the catalyst for me to be a great teacher some day..
my sbe teamates 

One of our gerko task to prepare from work paper until the report so that we manage to handle the school activities later on.. it was an awesome trip with my classmates. There we become more close n know each other better..  singing along the journey in the bus, food sharing, joking around, bed sharing, sewing with lecturer, water splash n others really a great n enjoyable memory !

 in the homestay

Ahhh.. this big really tiring but fun too.. we did big at taman pertanian sekayu, kuala berang.. we did many activities such as jungle trekking, water confident, learnt survivor skills for cooking using fire woods, LDK, had a skit in ‘malam kebudayaan’  n others.. the valuable things we got there are develop self esteem, got knowledge, discovered talent n build the bond between tesl 3 n pai 2.. during the jungle trekking, Alhamdulillah I survived from ‘pacats n lintahs’. The scenery  of sekayu waterfall was beautiful n breath taking.. eventhough the hill was very high n challenging I still can make it ! its my first time of camping n im enjoyed it tremendously (except for the sunburn n  ‘innocent’ punishment of mine, huh! )
 sentry time.. soo sleeppyyyy ~~

 makan time ! 

 jungle trekking, we really aware of pacat ! 
 leeches.. yakkk

We had a whale time together at pantai teluk ketapang, kuala Terengganu.. I cant wait to have the next bullets family day ! bullet-ians r rock ! J

hahaha how happy she is can get the balloon ya? heh